marketing | communications | business development

This covers a vast area of business activity! David has worked in all areas across many sectors and has a particular skill of choosing the right tools and methods from his corporate experience to provide an appropriate path to help small and medium sized businesses.

It's a customisable service from a wide array of options. The best next step is to have a discussion over phone, Skype, FaceTime or in person, but in the next few paragraphs we will share with you the scope of what we offer and how this might be incorporated into your weekly and monthly schedule.

If you are after the set up of a strategy, you will be better off with this Solutions Area. For now, let's assume you have a clear high level plan already.

Within marketing and communications, we cover the following activities.  In all cases, we'd be able to provide:

  • detailed planning of what you should be doing to cover content, timing, ownership, quality, implementation plan
  • coaching and training to help you take control yourself of an in-house self-managed implementation
  • contracted services to deliver the plan, or part of the plan.

We offer a service to UK or overseas based businesses, and can take on projects covering activity in multiple countries.   

  1. Social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and management systems like HootSuite)
  2. Search Engine Optimisation
  3. Website Analytics
  4. Google AdWords
  5. Digital and print advertising
  6. Website design, redesign or revamp
  7. Blogging
  8. PR activity - print & digital (choice of media / how to get publication / relationships with editors and journalists)
  9. All forms of sales & marketing collateral; brochures, credentials presentations
  10. Webinar set up, planning, content, hosting
  11. Email newsletters including system set-up
  12. Event planning (including ideas, venue, logistics, invitation management, hosting etc)
  13. CRM and marketing automation plans (including advice on connectivity to finance and other existing IT platforms).

In most cases, marketing and communications are to drive new business generation through prospect and customer nurturing. For this reason, we offer our early stage business development capability so your Return on Investment has the best possible payback. We get involved in the following:

  1. Creation of pipeline reporting - manual or automated
  2. Implement processes for lead generation, and identification of MQLs - Marketing Qualified Leads
  3. Agree processes for internal follow up on all sales enquiries to create SQLs - Sales Qualified Leads
  4. Account planning - best practice, training - workshop and /or learning on the job
  5. Account growth - best practice, training - workshop and / or learning on the job
  6. Taking a one country business and helping them realise and deliver the potential for international growth.