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Virtual assistants - a cartoon

Sounds a good idea to me :-)

Posted 231 weeks ago

The marketing stories that mattered

Great summary by Mark Ritson of the Top Marketing Stories in 2016.

Posted 235 weeks ago

is market research broken?

Great article from Andy Dexter. I get the point & am worried but I see a resolution - in my comment https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/notes-from-echo-chamber-andy-dexter?trk=hp-feed-article-title-like

Posted 235 weeks ago

Social media photos - the cheat sheet

Useful link for getting the size of image just right for all social media. http://www.pdnonline.com/gear/software/right-image-sizes-social-media/

Posted 235 weeks ago

People not consumers

Keith Weed, Unilever.  Marketing should think more about people, less about consumers.  Simple.

Posted 236 weeks ago

See what I mean ...

… about how marketing needs to be appropriate.  

Wonderful article in Daily Mash.

whispering can be good.

Posted 236 weeks ago

The joys of guest lecturing

For anyone who has been in business for a while and perhaps forgotten what it’s like to be at university I’d strongly recommend getting back involved in some way.
I got to know lecturers at the business school at Oxford Brookes some 6 years ago, as MMR had a relationship in helping students find internships or consider joining as a graduate trainee. That, in itself, was a most worthwhile activity but this soon led to invitations to be a guest lecturer in specific subject areas to complement the theory taught as part of the curriculum.
Today’s lecture had the subject of thought leadership at its heart and specifically how a b2b marketing plan can use thought leadership in practice using all the content marketing tools we now have at our disposal.
I was able to cover all the higher level strategic considerations along with some very specific examples of the media and content types which can be used. I illustrated how a small, niche management consultancy can compete with the largest consulting houses despite low budgets and limited resources.
Along the way I was able to share some careers advice and give some practical insights into various opportunities after a first degree in marketing.
It’s so valuable for all parties to keep strong links between employers and universities. Let me know if you’d like to do something similar. I’m happy to share my journey and how it’s made my career more fulfilling.

Posted 236 weeks ago

Gig chat

I’m writing deep from within the gig economy. The early mist is rising and I can see the trees.

It’s fun here.  Plenty of activity and I know it makes sense.  Companies are trimming their expenditure so they have a budgeted cost for the average of all 12 months of the year, yet they have peaks in business too without the resource being available.  That’s where the gig workers come into their own.  A crack squad of experts ready to slot seamlessly in with the core of the client team. Hit the ground running.  Bring some objectivity.  Bring some best practice from previous roles.  Bring some cross sector expertise.  Bring some energy. Sounds like a good plan to me.

I hope it does to you, too.

Marketing is at such a fascinating part in its evolution.  The shininess of digital is still there, but it’s now viewed as a new set of additional tools, not a complete replacement of what came before.  The old theory still stands and it feels good that there’s been such a backlash from the old guard to remind all the young upstarts that strategy comes before tactics.  I guess we’ve all heard the quote by Sun Tzu…

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

Just as well we have a good toolkit, because the task for marketing has never been more challenging.  The world’s just filled with great products and services wherever you look.  Not many people struggle to find places to spend their money.  And yet the economy still feels constrained and quite slow for many different economic and political reasons.  Getting consumers (or indeed businesses) to part with their cash without a persuasive case ain’t easy.  

Marketing is your route to make your case to your customers, whoever they may be.  Use it wisely.

So - to end on a self-indulgent note (very rare, I promise) - please do drop me a line if there’s any aspect of a marketing or business development challenge or plan you might need a hand with. I’ll be more than happy to chat things through.

Posted 237 weeks ago
2016 marketing successes
Posted 237 weeks ago
Brands today are populated by many people who don’t understand the basics of marketing
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