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<p>Excellent marketing. By chance or deliberate?</p>

Excellent marketing. By chance or deliberate?

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Long term strategy versus short term wins for shareholders?

Great story developing to showcase the battleground for large business these days.  Unilever - a business moving even more towards long term sustainable, and ethically strong positioning - resists purchase by the highly profitable Kraft Heinz, that is making far less effort to get a better balance of health foods or develop strong CSR credentials.  Unilever is now forced to carry out a brand review to put the fear of God into its business and grab some short term cash to appease the twitchy shareholders.  One to watch with interest.

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<p>Oh good.</p>

Oh good.

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Content marketing?

Gasman under pressure over Bowie tribute

Gasman under pressure over Bowie tribute http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-38573232
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